Monday, October 31, 2005

Holiday Inn Damai Beach Resort

Went there laz Saturday with muah frens, Ben, Roland, Mike, William & Wei How. We stayed at Hilltop... was kinda disappointed though coz we actually wan a Chalet or at least any room nearer to the beach... So I asked one of my fren who is working in Travel Agency to book it for me...

In the voucher he gave me, it was stated "Room Type: Seaview Deluxe Twin". When checking in, the hotelier gave me the "Hilltop Delux Twin". I tot it was a mistake, so I reconfirm it with her... She sed it's correct... According to her, our room is also seaview... o_o'" Wat to do??? Oledy book wat...

Got to the hilltop, reached our room, was kinda surprise though. It was big. It was really spacious with two queen beds... okla.. acceptable... hehe... at least... we're quite satisfied with our room...
We din go out jalan-jalan at all... coz it was raining... we're like staying in sum apartment, and not in Damai... We din even gotto the beach. Just went swimming in the pool at hilltop. After dinner we just stay inside the room and play game...
Ben taught us one game... using playing card... dunno wat it calls... it goes like this... Everyone sitting in one circle with a glass in the center... whoever got Ace gotta refill the glass with beer o watsoever drinks u like (as much as u want), 2 is to ask sum1 to drink the beer, 3 is to finished the glass of beer urself... Victim of the nite was Ben and William.. both of the keep getting 3 or asked by others to drink... I think less than one hour we finished one crate of beer...
Wiliam was the 1st one who got drunk and went to sleep... but we all know tat he was trying to escape... no more beer?? NVM... we got Black Label... hiakz...
We continued the game until we finished everything... "kau tim" the Black Label (750ml) in less than 1/2 hour. I think it was only 1am++. All of us were drunk... four of us puke... and then went straight to bed. But Roland and Me cant really sleep at nite. Thanks to the rest for snoring so loud at nite...
The nx morning... I din managed to wake up... feel so restless and headache... din go for breakfast, din swim... just stayed in the room... SLEEP!!! Can't wait to go home. Was oledy missing my dearest bed...
Til today I'm still very tired...
Pics 1 & 2: Hilltop Seaview Deluxe Twins
Pics 3 &4: Our Food
Pics 4 & 5: The Pool
Pic 6: Ben's towel got burn while placing it on the lamp for drying purpose
Pic 7: Treasure Hunting
Pic 8: The Game
Pic 9: The Hangover
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Friday, October 28, 2005

Balas Dendam I

John in Pink Bikini.. Sexykan??? Why his face so fair??? Coz he uses Fair & Lovely mah... will be nominated for Fair & Lovely Ambassador soon... muahahahaah

Pics Of The Day


Mr. Kepo Caught in the Act

I'm Lovin' It

I finally got my sport shoes laz nite... Love 8 1st Sight!!!

It's actually for Futsal... but who cares??? I just like it... very simple and casual...

I used got crazy over sport shoes, sneakers and stuff... now the heat is back again... and I wanna get more!!!!!!!!!

Before I got this, I was confuse... I dunno shud I get PUMA, ADIDAS or NIKE??? Anyway, Nike was my 1st choice... But at 1st I tot it's outta size... So I din bother to look at it again... Don wan more disappointment... So i go check out PUMA and ADIDAS... ADIDAS was a little over budget. Besides, I din c anything that really capture me. But I got myself an ADIDAS sandals though. Hehehe... PUMA was ok... but very limited choice... the one I like was in blue and red color... I can't decide which one to choose... both look ok. Just that I think PUMA's is a bit hard to match with clothing due to its color.

So I ask for John's opinion... He sed NIKE is nicer.... PUMA is too common... So I try to ask for my size (NIKE). Din expect to be so lucky... they got my size... and it's the laz pair... I was so happy... So I got it!!!! Yewhoo... Again... I buy Guys stuff.. =P

01. New Love

02. Close-up


04. Back

Baby In Da House~~

Finally, the baby is back home safe and sound... I know for sure this is my sis' baby coz she look 100% like her granny (paternal side). It's like photostated... hahaha...

She weighed ard 3.5 kg... Very chubby... double chin...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

30 Things That Tell Us We're Malaysians... Read lah!

You know you’re Malaysian if …

1. You complain about the quality of the pirated DVD you just purchased. "What, RM10 for DVD5?! Aiyah, boss ... sound no good, cheaperlah ..."

2. You’re willing to consume sambal petai and durian and gladly suffer the bloating and wind-breaking incidents.

3. You’re exceedingly polite to the Mat Sallehs but you slag your own kind. "Hello, sir. Why don’t you sit here, it’s got the best view of the city skyline." But, "Aunty-ah, your table is over there next to the kitchen."

4. You order Maggi goreng and fried chicken, complain about how oily the food is, and then proceed to finish it anyway. Does the word "cholesterol" mean anything to you?

5. You love to talk about food. You’re already thinking about what to have for dinner while eating lunch. "I’m stuffed. What shall we have for dinner?"

6. You dive into a communal-style meal the moment the dish lands on the table only to hesitate at the last morsel of food on the serving dish. There are two possible explanations for this: the first is the pai seh (embarrassed) factor, while the other is the myth that the person who eats the last piece will be a spinster.

7. You hit the accelerator the moment the first drop of rain hits your windshield. "Alamak, it’s going to rain. Sure traffic jam one. I’d better drive faster."

8. You seize the opportunity to make a U-turn anywhere ... especially where there is a sign telling you not to. Well, so long as the cops aren’t in sight.

9. You feel a burning desire to send text messages and even have the gall to give your friend a blow-by-blow account of the movie to your friend on the handphone — during the screening of the movie. "Okay, now that girl Lizzie is impersonating an Italian singer; she so doesn’t look Italian ..."

10. You forsake your loved ones for the all-important four letter-word: S-A-L-E. "Sorry, mum, I can’t take you to Aunt Mary’s because I have to go to MidValley before the crowd." You’re also more than happy to be part of the insane traffic jam that forms around malls during weekends and sale periods.

11. Reality shows Akademi Fantasia and Malaysian Idol dictate your social life. "What, no TV at the mamak? Count me out — I’m staying home. Rinie needs my support."

12. You pepper every sentence with lah. "No-lah, I can’t see you today-lah. I have to study-lah. You know-lah, the prison warden aka mak is watching me like a hawk"

13. You fail to function normally without your daily dose of teh tarik and nasi lemak.

14. You have owned at least one Proton in your lifetime. Cheap, cheap. That is until you start to make enough dough to buy that Honda you’ve been salivating over.

15. You slow down at an accident site to take down the car number plate, but won’t step out of your car to help — the victim could be a robber!

16. You’d rather park your car along the main road outside the mall, where there’s a yellow line, rather than pay RM1 to park inside where there are adequate bays.

17. You plead, bat your eyelids and relate a sob story to the officer at the town council office to let you off the hook (or reduce the amount considerably) for the fine you incurred when you parked your car on the double line.

18. You make an appointment for 10am and conveniently show up a half hour late — Malaysian time, what ...

19. You pop open the wet tissue packet at the Chinese restaurant by squeezing the trapped air to the top of the packet before proceeding to smash your fist into it. The louder the pop the better.

20. You greet your friend/neighbour/acquaintance on the street with "How are things?" or "Have you eaten?" or better yet, by stating the obvious: "Went to market ah?"

21. Ramlee burger is the "piece de resistance" of your growing-up-years cuisine.

22. You catch all major televised events at the mamak.

23. You have roughly six meals a day (breakfast, mid-morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and supper). Then there’s the snacking — keropok ikan, pisang goreng, muruku, jam tarts and the like.

24. You get the whole family dressed to the nines, jump into the car and head for the minister’s open house — and ask for styrofoam boxes and plastic bags to tar pau food.

25. Your accent and language style vary according to the race of the person you are conversing with. 26. You’ve got a friendly disposition. Smiles are abundant and your "Apa khabar?" is warm and sincere.

27. You exclaim loudly how expensive everything is, even though the items may in fact be going for a steal. "Wah! So expensive, ah? Hak sei ngor (Scare me to death)!"

28. You dig deep into your pockets to contribute to the latest appeal for donations in the newspapers.

29. You "dis" our country all the time, but as soon as something good happens (like winning the Thomas Cup), you morph into a proud Malaysian.

30. You never travel abroad without a bottle of chilli sauce, or sachets which you can sneak into restaurants.

Proud to be Malaysian? Heck, yes!

Colour Your World

HAVE you wondered why you are attracted to a certain colour all the time?

Your exasperated friends have probably exclaimed: “Red! Again? Can’t you pick a different colour? Your hair band, bags, accessories and most of your clothes ... they’re all flaming red!”

These well-meaning pals have even gone to the extent of trying to put you off that “red or dead” mantra, trying hard to convince you that you can still paint the town red in yellow, green or pink. “How about trying to be a little bit more adventurous. See, blue suits your skin too ...”

Then there was that time when you were set on buying that perfect pair of shoes but because the store didn’t have them in hot red, you turned on your heels and walked off.

Well, if you’re tired of giving the standard “because it’s my favourite colour” answer to your family and friends, here’s another alternative. Tell them that the shade you choose reflects your personality.

Colours actually tell on you — how you act or react, or the mood you’re in, according to the results of research done by YouthQuake on colours. Read on and find out more about yourself!

Red: This colour represents passion. Thus, a person who is drawn to this hue is usually energetic and full of action. Verve and vitality are the names he or she goes by. People who like this colour have a lot of determination.

If you feel tired and exhausted you should introduce more red into your life.

On the down side, a person who tends to wear a lot of red loses his temper easily and can be rather demanding.

Blue: Blue represents a person who is peaceful and sincere. He has trust in others. A person who wears too much blue can become negative, arrogant and self-centred. Wear blue if you want to achieve better communication with others. It also encourages creativity.

Pink: Pink symbolises the rose. Pink lovers are likely to be friendly and compassionate. A person who wears pink is gentle and approachable. He or she has a loving nature. Pink is the colour of universal love. It shows loyalty, softness, kindness and happiness.

Orange: Orange is the colour of joy and cheerfulness. It shows a person who is busy, successful and outgoing. A balance of orange in your life will help you get through the ups and downs in life. It will also help you quickly recover from disappointments or a broken heart.

Yellow: Yellow promotes wisdom, intellect and enthusiasm. The sun colour makes us feel happy and optimistic. Wearing yellow promotes leadership, productivity and cheerfulness. Too little yellow in your life, and you could develop low self-esteem, feel insecure and be plagued with a lack of courage in trying out new things.

Green: Green is the colour of the earth, which is also synonymous with peace and growth in our lives. It is the colour of hope and freedom. Green stimulates healing, resulting in self-love and love for others. Too much green in your life can cause you to become lazy and moody.

Brown: Brown reflects nurturing and comforting. It makes you feel cosy and relaxed. Wear more brown if you are stressed out and overworked.

Purple: Purple is spiritual and enhances psychic awareness. A person who wears purple is generally exciting, wise, relaxed, mysterious and self-motivated. Too much purple can make you arrogant, impatient and irritable.

White: White is associated with purity, light and goodness. Wearing white reflects a person who is quiet and often deep in thought. White is the colour of perfection and cleanliness. A person who often wears white is careful.

Black: The colour black is associated with power, elegance and mystery. Wearing black shows you are serious and conservative. Black can also make you feel sexy and sophisticated. Wear more black to boost your self-esteem.

Is Love In The Stars?

TEEN years are when matters of the heart can completely take over the mind. We spend endless hours wondering how to win over that hot gal in our tuition class, or whether our dream guy will ask us to the prom.

Even as we crack our brains to answer a question on calculus, we could be busy with another; "He loves me ... he loves me not?" or "She must care, or she would not have smiled at me..."

So, will 2004 be the year she falls head over heels in love with you? Or will you be paying yet another visit to Heartbreak Hotel? How long will the "can't-eat-can't-sleep-butterflies-in-my-stomach" feeling last?

Will you finally meet Miss or Mr Right this year? YQ combed through a dozen astrology books to get you answers to these intimate questions and many more in our 2004 love special!

ARIES (March 21 - April 20)

Sparks will fly with: Leo, Sagittarius
Don't even go there: Cancer, Capricorn
Your theme song:We Are The Champions
What's my line? Get outta my way!
Wrap yourself in: red

Ruled by Mars, Ariens are passionate and romantic, and are armed with an endless supply of energy and an unquenchable thirst for adventure.

However, those born under this fire sign are also famous for their short attention span, and they find it difficult to sustain interest in one person for long.

This year, try to keep your impulsiveness at bay, and focus on what you want to achieve in the relationship arena. Your work will pay off in mid-March when love will come to town for a nice long visit.

To all you single rams, bear in mind that love won't come knocking on your doorstep early this year, you'll have to go out and find it! Go hunting out in town and look out for potential partners at a hot new hangout.

Your confidence and enthusiasm will draw lovers in like ants to sugar! However, be careful not to let your quick temper and selfishness burst your bubble of fun around the months of July or September.

If hurt and conflict do wander your way, work through it patiently and you'll make it through those rocky times. Your pioneering spirit may also create problems, so remember that love is not a competition that you win or lose. In order to maintain a successful relationship, the ram must learn how to compromise.

Come October, you'll be a front player in the game of love as no one will be able to resist your natural charm and charisma. Relationships will take the front seat as the festive season ushers romance your way. 2004 is a year that promises the ram many adoring admirers, as well as an avalanche of exciting and eventful romantic escapades!

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21)

Date with destiny: Virgo, Capricorn
Run for the hills: Leo, Aquarius
Your theme song: Money, Money, Money
What's my line? Show me the money!
Wrap yourself in: pink

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Taureans are warm-hearted and romantic lovers. You seek people who can guarantee you security, and you need a partner who will respect your practicality, persistence and determination.

Unfortunately, you begin 2004 in Cupid's bad books, and you will walk around with your heart in a sling up to the third week of the year. You can either smooth things over with your beau, or you can ditch him or her and seek support from your friends.

However, Cupid turns from foe to friend on St Patrick's Day. Serious relationships will take a turn for the better through March, while single bulls will find passion towards the end of February.

April will be your best month yet, as love blossoms. Double dating is not a good idea, as you'll be too involved with your sweetheart to interact with others. May is a time where singles will be hit by Eros' arrow when some intellectual challenges lead to a romantic rendezvous.

Set aside time to spend with your old friends when your sizzling romance has cooled in June, and don't hesitate to forge new friendships. Don't let possessiveness get the better of you in July, and try to be more flexible in accommodating your partner.

Solo players may find someone to snuggle up to in August, but don't settle for second best. New relationships may hit a rough patch, but your patience with your partner will ensure that issues are resolved with an especially sweet interlude.

In September, knit a sweater for your heart as you can expect some chilly winds to frost your relationship. However, Halloween marks an end to your dry spell and romance will come to stay, guaranteeing an exhilarating romance all the way till the end of the year.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21)

Date with destiny: Libra, Aquarius
Run for the hills: Virgo, Pisces
Your theme song: Just the Two Of Us
What's my line? It takes two to tango.
Wrap yourself in: green

Ruled by Mercury, planet of Communications, your wit and intelligence will draw a partner who can excite your mind and hold your attention. A social butterfly yourself, you can be very flighty and restless. You need a partner who is outgoing, and who won't mind being ditched by you at the next party you attend together while you flit from person to person.

The first week of January finds you mopping up from last year, but February will bring you the whirlwind romance you've been waiting for.
Shed your usual nervousness, and be the coolest party animal this month!

Just don't pretend to be something you're not, and you'll be reeling the girls/guys in!

If a serious relationship turns into a power struggle, be willing to lose some ground gracefully and you'll reach a compromise by April. By May, you'll get all the answers to satisfy the questions in your inquisitive mind.

You want to disappear from the world, but unfortunately it demands your attention in August. Escape when you can, even if it's just for a weekend.

Your relationship may hit a speed bump as exams loom around the corner,
but your sweetie will understand and sympathise - and will happily celebrate your success with you later.

In November, you'll be looking for fun and fiestas where you'll meet lots of new people. By the time December makes its debut, you'll be all set to party with your honey from sun-up to sun-down. Let the good times roll!

CANCER (June 22 - July 22)

Date with destiny: Scorpio, Pisces
Run for the hills: Aries, Libra
Your theme song: Sweet Home Alabama
What's my line? Home is where the heart is.
Wrap yourself in: silver

Expect a slow start on the romantic scene this year, but things begin to heat up come mid-February. Ruled by the Moon, Cancerians have no problem attracting the opposite sex as they are intrigued by your imagination and intuition.

Valentine's Day should be special, so shower your sweetheart with attention, and show them your emotional and loving side.

You'll be brimming with energy in March, and will go all out to organise the best parties 2004 has seen. By April, you'd have found the one person to help you achieve your romantic goals. But before relationships can truly blossom, you must throw out excess emotional baggage in May.

This spring cleaning of your heart will open new romantic horizons that you never even dreamt existed!

From this point on, things only get better. By late June, you're on top of the world, so invite your lover to share the celebration. The happiness of August brings clear and direct communication with loved ones, enabling you to feel totally secure and truly beloved.

Jealousy may rear its ugly head in October, so keep a handle on your emotions. November bears the sweet fruit of love, and for those who still have not met anyone, opportunities abound.

End the year with a blast by recognising your deepest desires: Who knows what surprises are in store?

LEO (July 23 - August 21)

Date with destiny: Aries, Sagittarius
Run for the hills: Taurus, Scorpio
Theme song: Look At Me
What's my line? There's no business like show business.
Wrap yourself in: Gold

2004 will get off to an uneventful start in your love sector, but new thrills are headed straight in your direction by the end of January.

You'll have no trouble attracting admirers as they are drawn to your fiery enthusiasm and warmhearted generosity.

Leos also do not suffer any lack of confidence in approaching their romantic targets. Your self esteem is high to the point of pomposity and you can hardly believe that anyone could refuse you - which probably doesn't happen very often.

Leaving a trail of broken hearts behind, you finally choose a partner who is worthy of your attention in April. Your buddies may complain about your disappearing act, but you're too busy smooching to care.

Single lions will be positively irresistible in June and July, but shouldn't tie themselves down too soon. If you do decide to date a hottie, the relationship may be brief and fleeting, but definitely worth your while!

However, your restless nature will force you to leave this squeeze behind as you crave freedom, independence and the heat of the hunt.

September has you looking for love in all the wrong places, and things may build to an unpleasant encounter in early October.

However, you will spring back onto your paws in no time and welcome the festive season with newfound spirit. You will move towards 2005 with more confidence and charisma than ever, leaving doused flames behind as you forge forward in search of new hunting ground!

VIRGO (August 22 - September 23)

Date with destiny: Taurus, Capricorn
Run for the hills: Gemini, Sagittarius
Theme song: Like A Virgin
What's my line? A stitch in time saves nine.
Wrap yourself in: Green and dark brown

Your love life may seem to be in limbo at the start of the year, when your heart plays pranks on your usually practical and analytical mind. However, this muddle should clear up by March, and this is the prime time to look out for a potential partner.

Your new relationship may frustrate you in April if you pick your partner to pieces, so try not to be overcritical. Instead, lighten up and let your enchanting personality shine through. Before you know it, you'll be soaring on the wings of love!

Let your hair down and party during the middle months of the year! It is a time of freedom and celebration, so explore new territory and make new friends.

August gets even better, and people are falling for you like flies! This month is a great time to boost your self-confidence, but remember not to neglect your old friends to favour your newfound sweetie.

The partying scene will mellow as the year draws to a close, and you'll be able to bury yourself in your books just in time for exams. Not to worry, your natural brilliance will shine through at this crucial period, and you'll even be able to give your sweetheart some private tutoring he or she needs.

Once the exam season blows by, don your favourite party clothes and gear up to shake your groove thang once again! You'll be partying with your baby all the way through the new year!

LIBRA (September 24 - October 23)

Date with destiny: Gemini, Aquarius
Run for the hills: Cancer, Capricorn
Theme song: What the World Needs Now is
What's my line? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Wrap yourself in: Blue

Librans may be hesitant to leave 2003 behind, and choose to cling to a distant memory. Although it's okay to dwell on the past for a while, you gotta move forward some time!

Once you peek out from under your mountain of memories, good times will come rolling your way right through to Valentine's Day! Let the natural flirt in you loose, and you'll win hearts with your charming and easygoing nature.

You may finally meet the one of your dreams early in May, but your green-eyed monster may come out to play when you are introduced to your darling's old flame. Don't let this discourage you, and try to remember that love and affection are not possessions.

July will test your relationship further, as issues revolve around possessiveness and freedom. Your balance and harmony may be threatened, and compromise seems impossible until tempers cool in early September.

A time-out will be called in September and you'll finally reach a truce with your sweetie. You'll be able to buy your way into your lover's heart this time, and all will soon be forgotten. Your wallet may look a little worn after this shopping spree, so spend the festive season at home with your loved ones around you.

Your social butterfly perks up right at the end of the year, so brace yourself for a mind-blowing new year!

SCORPIO (October 24 - November 22)

Date with destiny: Cancer, Pisces
Run for the hills: Leo, Aquarius
Theme song: I'm Too Sexy
What's my line? Yeah baby, yeah!
Wrap yourself in: Dark red to maroon

Scorpios make the best of friends, but the worst of enemies. Born under Pluto, you are sociable and charming and people won't be able to resist your vivacious, outgoing nature.

This year, you'll make a fresh new start and prepare to fill your journal of life with more colourful pages. Explore new horizons with your lover or go solo if you're single - and keep exploring until you're satisfied. By Valentine's Day, you're ready to let the dust settle.

Expect a few slip-ups in April, but take it in stride and don't be too hard on yourself. In May, scorpions will be lighting a few fires with their trademark smoldering glances. Passion awaits you just around the corner!

You'll soon be hit hard by the love bug, and your world will revolve around your beau till August. However, you will soon have to come down from cloud nine as reality brings you crashing to earth.

Around September, romances will have to be on hold for awhile as school demands your attention - use your talents at stealth to keep the romance quiet until it seems sturdy. Once the study period is over, you'll be able to lay the foundations for a strong relationship.

Your holidays will be insightful, and you will embark on a journey to discover your inner self. Spend the festive season surrounded with all your loved ones instead of dedicating yourself solely to your sweetheart. As they say, the more the merrier!

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 - December 22)

Date with destiny: Aries, Leo
Run for the hills: Virgo, Pisces
Theme song: I Love to go A-Wandering
What's my line? I need my space.
Wrap yourself in: Rich purple

Ruled by mysterious Jupiter, your quest in life is to test your mind and body to their very limits. You kick 2004 off with an unstoppable drive and boundless amounts of energy. But instead of speeding ahead alone, take it slow and enjoy the sights on the way along with your loved ones.

Your restlessness will get the better of you. Your irresistible drive and energy are very absorbing and you will sometimes appear to be cold and distant. It's true that you are very self reliant and don't really need the security of a loving relationship. Nonetheless, you are a loyal and rewarding partner and can offer a liberating and challenging relationship.

Take time to stop and smell all the roses in April, and you may finally learn that fun and responsibility aren't mutually exclusive. Look for love in places that don't come with heavy entanglements, or you may be caught up in an unhappy situation in early May. Learn to appreciate the one you're with, and you'll be granted the gift of love.

By the end of the year, your sense of humour and honesty draws in admirers and renews old friendships. Single Sagittarians may hear from an old sweetheart hoping to rekindle old passions. Don't make a hasty decision - look before you leap, and your heart will thank you for it. You'll be able to make a clear decision in November, and it will be a good one either way. The year closes on a quiet, peaceful note with silent promises of more happy years to come.

CAPRICORN (December 23 - January 20)

Date with destiny: Taurus, Virgo
Run for the hills: Aries, Libra
Theme song: (Ain't Nothing Gonna) Break My Stride
What's my line? The bigger the better
Wrap yourself in: Brown

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet of wisdom and destiny. Your first love will almost certainly be your career but you will be distracted from your usual workaholic habits by your honey in the first few weeks of 2004.

You will find your relationship especially satisfying at this time, so spend as much time as you can with the object of your affection. It's a great time for communication, so don't be afraid to speak your mind.

Your honey will appreciate your blunt honesty, and won't take anything to heart.

You may find yourself falling head over heels in the last week of March, but try to land on your feet. You will have to stay firm when it comes to romantic complications.

Your conventional ideas about love will be rightfully challenged by a more open-minded person. This encounter will help you grow and expand, so don't close your mind to these new ideas. June holds a romantic surprise that comes at the perfect time to warm your heart.

July finds you in the mood for self-improvement, and a new and improved you will wow the love scene in August.

Singles may be drawn to an intellectual debate with an enchanting stranger, but don't let your beliefs be swayed. Hold your ground and you'll gain their admiration and undivided attention. There'll be a double dose of festivities at the end of this year, as you'll be invited to spend some of the holiday season with your sweetie's family. So grab your party hat and join in the celebrations!

AQUARIUS (January 21 - February 19)

Date with destiny: Gemini, Libra
Run for the hills: Taurus, Scorpio
Theme song:Man in the Mirror
What's my line? Carpe Diem
Wrap yourself in: Turquoise

Ruled by offbeat Uranus, Aquarians are notoriously eccentric and difficult to pin down. In 2004, Aquarians find themselves wrapped in their own thoughts, oblivious to potential partners. Admirers will find themselves drawn to your mysterious and independent nature, but if you don't open your eyes to them, they may soon lose interest and drift away.

You will seek company once March rolls around, and will actively look for a partner if single. Potential partners will be attracted by your charm and mysterious nature but as things become more serious you may find yourself backing off.

Make sure a back-up plan exists in case your romantic machinations fall apart, and remember that shared laughter cures all emotional injuries eventually.

April and May is a time of confusion and misunderstandings, but just hang on till June.

July finds you in your own wacky world, feeling slightly distant from your loved ones. Ask them to respect your independence for now; it will allow you to give more generously when they need your support.

Delicate new relationships need nurturing in August, not demands. Tread lightly on the hearts of others, focus on respecting your partner and you'll start September on a kind and gentle note.

Look forward to a playful holiday season, with lotsa fun in the sun! Take a road trip with friends and loved ones to the beach, and bask in the warmth of the festive season. Sit back, relax and usher in the New Year with joyous spirit!

PISCES (February 20 - March

Date with destiny: Cancer, Scorpio
Run for the hills: Gemini, Sagittarius
Theme song: All I Have to do is Dream
What's my line? Make love not war.
Wrap yourself in: Soft seagreen, Moonstone

Ruled by mystical Neptune, you are a romantic and a dreamer at heart. However, this year you gotta get your head outta the clouds and make things happen! It's up to you to summon up the courage to approach your crush, or to talk to your sweetheart about things you'd like to change about your relationship.

In March, your imaginative and sensitive nature will charm even the birds from the trees, and your love life will take an exciting, glamorous and thrillingly unpredictable turn. Singles should demand attention from those they desire - bask in the spotlight and fulfil your intimate desires.

The spiritual nature will come calling in June, but your partner might not be prepared to deal with your idealistic side. Avoid being secretive and vague with your sweetie, and try your best to communicate your thoughts and ideas with them to avoid misunderstandings and cloudiness.

July is sweet and romantic, filled with a surprising gentleness and comforting sensitivity. August may bring stormy weather, but a calm breeze will blow your blues away in September. In October, your sweetie may need a shoulder to lean on, so show them that you're right by their side.

Halloween should start the social season off with a roar, and singles should look out for an exotic beauty to party the rest of the year away.

The last weeks of 2004 will mark more beginnings for Pisceans than endings. So go with the flow and ride the waves to more exciting shores!

Are You A Friend For Keeps?

WHAT would we do without friends? We laugh with them, cry with them, go everywhere with them. We think alike, act alike, sometimes even dress alike. We favour the same teachers, share notes about the ones that don't really hit it off with us. We like the same food, similar music and have the same circle of friends.

But while we seem to have so much in common, are we really the good, reliable friend we claim to be? Take a short quiz from
YouthQuake and find out if you're really a friend for keeps. Try out this Friend or Fiend quiz.


1. It's Tuesday night and your crush just asked you out for a date (ohmygod, breathe!) Just as you slide into the cab, your cellphone rings, and your best friend says, "I... um... need to talk to someone..." You,

A. Scream your best friend's address at the cabbie. Burn some rubber, pakcik!
B. "What? Huh? Hey, you're breaking up!" (imitate static)
C. "Switch off" while your best friend goes on confiding in you. Who cares if he/she uses up a RM100 prepaid card? Not MY problem! But at least she has an ear ... listening or not is another matter.
D. You call your crush and ask him if you could delay the date by 30 minutes. Then you talk to your friend and calm him/her down and still get to go out on a date.

2. Your friend has just got a new hairdo. Let's just face it, she looks terrible and everyone's sniggering at it. What do you do?

A. Ask her if Halloween came early?
B. Stay away from her and hope that no one thinks she's your friend.
C. Hey, if she's happy with her new look, you'll go for the same too to keep her company.
D. Tell her that her new look is "Not bad". But truthfully say that the last one was more flattering on her.

3. You and your friend are up for the same scholarship. He won. What do you do?

A. Throw a great big party to celebrate. You're genuinely happy for him.
B. Sulk at home about it. But still feel happy for him because he's your friend after all.
C. Frame him for cheating in an exam so that he'll lose the scholarship.
D. Stop speaking to him for a week.

4. At a party which your best friend was not invited to, some of the organisers, including the birthday girl, starts making snide remarks about her. What would you do?

A. Defend your friend and dispel the untrue remarks.
B. Join in on the gossip. Heck, you'd even spice things up so you'd all have a great laugh. It's party time remember?
C. Say nothing.
D. Demand an apology for your friend's sake and if they refuse, beat the crap out of them.

5. Your friend has a bad BO problem. Everyone gets a little dizzy the minute she steps into the air-conditioned room.

A. Buy her some deodorant, plus other cosmetics, for her birthday.
B. Bear with the stench and keep quiet about it. So what if you feel faint everytime you're around her?
C. Keep a distance of 15 metres when you talk to her.
D. Get a face mask and hold a placard to her face that says: "STOP AIR POLLUTION".

6. If you saw your friend doing drugs, what would you do?

A. Pay for his therapy even though he's been through 100 relapses.
B. Sit down and have a heart to heart with him. Try your darndest to get him to seek professional help.
C. Tell him to get a lighter "hobby", say... smoking?
D. Introduce him to more drugs and suggest that he deal them too. THEN, you call the cops. Nyaha!

7. Your friend's habit of calling you at 2am EVERY night has your parents foaming at the mouth. How would you deal with this?

A. Tell him: "I'd love to chat, but my folks are giving me a hard time. Maybe we can talk more tomorrow in school?"
B. Drug your parents every night so they won't hear the phone ring. Just pray that they WILL wake up eventually!
C. Feign sickness every time he calls, he'll get the hint eventually.
D. Call the cops and say someone is harassing you on the phone.

8. You walk in on a gang rape of a female classmate and your best friend's the ring leader.

A. Save the girl but don't rat on your friend because he begged you not to.
B. Turn your friend in to the cops.
C. Say, "Can I join in?"
D. Walk out and pretend that nothing happened while convincing yourself that the victim probably deserved it.

9. Your friend has become increasingly thin over the past few months. You suspect that she's anorexic. Would you...

A. Threaten to break one finger of hers at a time for every meal she skips.
B. Say: "Wow, you look so good. Look, you're as trim as that lamp post now!"
C. Ask her for her lunch money since she obviously does not need it anymore.
D. Alert her parents although she made you swear not to tell anyone. It might hurt, but you care enough to do it.

10. You catch your best friend with your boyfriend / girlfriend in what seems like a compromising position. Uh-Oh! What now?

A. Go crazy and put the fear of God (who in this case is YOU) into the both of them for ever daring to betray your trust.
B. Close your eyes, make an about turn and make as if it never happened.
C. Control your emotions and ask for an explanation from the both of them, individually.
D. Just walk away from the room AND the both of them, forever.

1. A - 3
B - 2
C - 1
D - 4

2. A - 1
B - 2
C - 3
D - 4

3. A - 4
B - 3
C - 1
D - 2

4. A - 4
B - 1
C - 2
D - 3

5. A - 4
B - 3
C - 2
D - 1

6. A - 3
B - 4
C - 2
D - 1

7. A - 4
B - 3
C - 2
D - 1

8. A - 3
B - 4
C - 1
D - 2

9. A - 3
B - 2
C - 1
D - 4

10. A - 1
B - 2
C - 4
D - 3

* Add up your marks and see which category you fall into.

The Perfect Friend (36-40):

Wow. Either you are some angel in disguise or you cheated somehow in this quiz. But if you were honest, kudos to you for being the perfect friend. Not because you're a "yes-man" (or woman) ALL the time, but because you are willing to take the risk and point out your friend's mistakes and at the same time, still accept them for who they are.

The Reserved Friend (26-35):

You're a great friend, most of the time. But sometimes, saying yes and supporting your friends in EVERYTHING they do, even if it's wrong, may not be the right choice. Try to be more honest, but tactful, and you might have some friends thanking you for saving them from some deep s**t.

The Fair-Weather Friend (16-25):

Okay, so you're a friend... but if you were rolled over by a bus tomorrow, probably no one in class is going to weep buckets for you. Why? Because when your "friends" tried to recollect the times you stood by them through thick or thin, they just couldn't remember any time when that happened. You need to stick around your pals when the going gets tough. And do come down from that fence.

The Fiend (10-15):

Who needs enemies when they have friends like you. If you don't change your ways, you're gonna be a lone ranger soon. That's for sure.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Careless Mistake... sigh....

Yesterday, my sis gave birth to a baby girl around 11.30am in General Hospital Kuching...

Wat so funny is that the nurse gave her the wrong baby.

When my mum went to visit her, she was breastfeeding the baby. Then my mum noticed tat how come her leg was so dark... as dark as an Indian. Mum thinks it's weird. Even though my bro-in-law is dark but not as dark as that baby!!!

Mum still teased my sis if she was having an affair with an Indian man.... teruknya mummy... haha...

Anyway, not long later... Doc. came... must keep asking why is the baby so dark.. still can't accept the fact. So the Doc unwrapped the baby and found out that she don have the umbilical cord. New born babies shud have a umbilical cord on their bellybutton. They started to panic and called up the Head of Nurse.

They checked on the baby's wrist tag and found out the baby doesn't belong to my sis... and she is already 3-week old. OMG!!! How could tat happen????? How could they be so careless????

According to my mum, it's a Bumi baby girl.

Latter, one of the nurse brought my sis's baby to her... totally different compared to the other baby... one is so dark and with lotsa hair... the one is very pinkish with little hair...

Luckily sis still staying over. What if she's checking out and bring back the wrong baby??? Sigh....

To be safe, i think my sis shud bring the baby for blood test. Just to be sure... Anything would happen... And I were my sis, I'll definitely sue G.H. for being so careless!!!! This Shudn't be happen!!!!!

Lesley's Birthday @ Hornbill

Last nite was Les' birthday. We celebrated with him at Hornbill BBQ Steamboat. Bought him pressie too... Guess wat??? Sexy G-sting and checks shirt. Nyek Nyek Nyek~~~

Pic 01: The Birthday Boy & Kepo Akai Behind

Pic 02: Les, John & Akai Syl

Pic 03: Busy with phone. Aih... What happen to my hair?? Got wind meh?

Pic 04: How Evelyn look like when she got teased. Eve: "Hmp!!"

Pic 05: "Akai!! Caught red-handed. !!!"

Pic 06: Msasa busy eating... with two bodyguard beside her, Majestic & Lesbian

Pic 07: Berpesta

Pic 08: Majestic to full to talk

Pic 09: Who's the pervert there with ice-cream???

Pic 10: HMm... What's inside???

*For pics visit click here*

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


It has taken young Indonesian pop diva Anggun a few years to throw off her polished public image and reveal her true self. Now, having got over her initial culture shock and adapted herself to life in France, Anggun, looking radiant in her early 30s, lets the different facets of her personality shine through on her new album, Luminescence.

She was borned on Apr. 29, 1974 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Her real name is Anggun Cipta Sasmi. which means "Grace born out of a dream".

At a young age, Anggun decided to become an entertainer like her father, Darto Singo. During her early years, she was influenced with rock sound by listening to native Javanese arists and the rock & roll icon, Elvis Presley. She was educated in Catholic schools because her father wanted Anggun to have high quality education. Anggun began performing at age 7 and recorded her first album two years later. By the time Anggun was 17, she was a successful national rock star.

Anggun began to feel unsatisfied with her success in Asia and at 19, she left Indonesia in hopes of breaking through in the European music charts. Anggun and her first husband moved first to London, then moved to Paris, France where Anggun met music producer Erick Benzi. Benzi was quite impressed by Anggun's talent and immediately offered to work with her on her new album. Benzi persuaded Anggun to move away from her original rock influences and experiment with more sensual and romantic sound. Anggun's smooth new style would prove an immediate success in France. Her first French album, Au Nom de la Lune not only skyrocketed Anggun to fame in France, the album was also a major hit in her native country, Indonesia. Her second album Desirs Contraires proved to be a worldwide hit as well.

In 1998, Anggun toured in the Lilith Fair with Sarah McLachlan and other musicians. And in 2000, Anggun received an invitation from the Vatican asking her to perform at a Christmas concert where she sang her rendition of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" for the Pope, John Paul II.

Her duet with an Italian rockstar, Piero Pelù, entitled Amore Immaginato reached #1 in the National Italian Airplay Charts for over two months. Anggun was also part of the charity driven project Gaia.

During one of the many extensive tours Anggun had done throughout Asia, she met her first husband Michel Georgea, a French engineer in Borneo. At first Anggun's parents did not approve her marriage but they finally relented. Eventually Anggun and Michel got divorced and Anggun is now married to Oliver Maury, a Canadian.

Anggun is now fluent in French, as well as English, and her mother tongue Indonesian. She currently splits her time between Montreal, Canada and Paris.

In 2005 a new album, titled Luminescence, was released. The difference of this album compared with the previous ones is that both the French and English version share the same title. Anggun's first single from the French album is Être Une Femme. The video for the "Femme" single was shot in Barcelona, Spain and made its debut on French TV at the end of 2004.

Luminescence Tracklists:

  1. In your mind
  2. Undress me
  3. Evil and angel
  4. Breathe in water
  5. Saviour
  6. Surrender
  7. Captivity
  8. Cover
  9. Something sublime
  10. Devil in my mind
  11. Painted
  12. Human
  13. Go
  14. Mantra (Single version)
  15. Mantra (A Capella version)
  16. Mantra (Instrumental)
  17. In your mind (Indian Remix)
  18. In your mind (FBcool Extended Club Mix)

Charity Work

Anggun has been involved with several charities and received some awards, including:

  • Awarded by the France's Culture Minister the prestigious distinction of "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres" for her worldwide achievements and her support to the French culture.
  • Accepted the role of Spokesperson for the UN (United Nations) 'Year of Microcredit' to create awareness and help people in poverty all over the world.
  • Appointed as the ambassador of Audemars Piguet.

The Longest Yard

I've watched "The Longest Yard" last Saturday... It was really funny... I'll give 10 stars outta 10. =D

After been sentenced to three years for a number of drunk and disorderly offences, former NFL football star Paul Crewe (Sandler) finds himself sent to Warden Hazen's (Cromwell) prison. The problem is that Hazen has got him there for a reason, to help the Warden make his semi-professional team of guards state champions but because of a threat from Captain Knauer (Fichtner) he is forced to decline. After a week in solitary, the Warden asks him to put together a team of convicts to play the guards team as a warm up for the season. Now he has four weeks to make a rag-tag team of convicts into a mean football machine.

Hollywood's passion for remakes continues but can Adam Sandler update the Burt Reynolds 70s American Football prison drama bring anything new to the game?

The premise for ‘The Longest Yard' has always been good but the original movie didn't know what genre it wanted to be. Was it a prison comedy or a prison drama? The same problem occurs with this movie and it ends up becoming too much of a mixture.

Mixing drama and comedy doesn't always work and this and the previous version of the movie suffer from this trouble. The premise of the movie is a prime subject for comedy and with Adam Sandler been involved you would expect it to be filled with comedy moments but this isn't the case. There are a few funny moments and characters but this isn't a laugh fest. Instead this new version of the movie is virtually identical to the original, with all its same problems.

By adding drama into a comedic premise has subdued the amount of laughs available to the viewer. The game isn't as funny as it could have been either, with the filmmakers going more for the violent tackles and hits than the more comedy approach. Yes there are some funny moments in the game but they have gone more for the technical side of the game, which will limit the appeal for anyone outside of the United States.

This fact means the good ensemble cast don't have much to work with. Adam Sandler's Paul Crewe is one of his more restrained characters. Gone is his usual loud, shouting Sandler that we are used to and in his place you probably have the weakest and least charismatic character he has ever played. Chris Rock is his usual self, cracking jokes about been black and the differences between the races. This seems to be the only string to his bow and makes you wonder how he actually still manages to make a career of playing the same part. Bringing a piece of class to the proceedings however is the star of the original movie, Burt Reynolds. Taking over the role of Coach Nate Scarborough, Reynolds is as good as ever, making you wish that he had more screen time and lines.

‘The Longest Yard' remake suffers from the same problems as the original. This is a movie that doesn't know what it wants to be, meaning that it isn't a good prison drama or comedy. The over emphasis on the more technical aspects of American Football also means that it will have little appeal outside of the US. A remake really needs to improve on the original but this one fails to make the yardage.
Pic 1: The Fagot Cheerleaders
Pic 2: Chirs Rock: "He din't get the whole chocolate bar, but a hersey kiss"

Music Video Codes by

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Monday, October 24, 2005


Once again we did sth crazy. Roland, Wei How, William and Ming went to Mount. Santubong again... this time they got new target which is to reach the bottom at 12.30 p.m.

So we had a bet. If they managed to come down before the time they set... Me & Ben will treat them lunch at Buntal. But if they dont, the other way round... They would have to treat us... Not only tat, after hiking we wanna proceed to Matang...

Ben & I went up to Santubong around 12.30p.m. They sed they're reaching soon. But I'm sure where does they mean by reaching. The top?? Or the bottom??

We reached there around 1.30 I guess… din c any of them. So we called up William… they still say they’ll be reachinng… So while waiting, Ben & I went to Damai Beach Resort to check out whether there’s any available room for nx weekend coz it’ll be our nx plan.

After that, we went back to Santubong again… still, we din c them… So we went over to the Jungle Restaurant near Damai Beach Resort to have some drinks while waiting…

Around 1 hour later, Roland called. He sed William and himself had finally reached the bottom but Wei How and Ming still stucked up there.

We went back to the spot. Roland and William were sitting by the road side. They looked extremely exhausted. Roland can’t even walk properly.

Under the hot sun, 4 of us (Roland, William, Ben & I) waited for Wei How and Ming for around 1 hour too. Finally we c the 2 “survivors” walking down the mountain. Luckily they are fine.

Then we went to one of the seafood restaurant at buntal to have our lunch. After lunch we proceed to Camp Permai.

Aren’t we Hyperactive??? *winkz*

I got bullied in Camp Permai… = ( They threw sand on me.

*Sobz sobz*

For more pics click here --->> Crazee~~

Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Unfortunate Event

2day is Wei How's Birthday. But we celebrated it one day earlier. We had a BBQ party at his house laz nite.

After the BBQ party, we went over to 99 to look for Uncle Roland and Ben... we're supposed to go to MC3 @ Travillion to meet my frens and continue the party there...

On the way to get car, suddenly my fren, Mary shouted "My hangbadg!!!" I tot she 4got her handbbag in 99. But who knows her hangbag got snatched by a motorcyclist!!! I was shocked!!! Din expect this would actually happen. Sum more I was just nx to her... It was so close!!! We din managed to chase tat jerk... It was too sudden... sigh...

Luckily she was not injured.

Right after the incident, we straight away launched a police report at the Padungan Police Station. It was around 12.30 when we reached the station.

According to one of the cops, there are average 3-4 cases per week. He oso did mentioned tat if anyone managed to catch the robber, it's not wrong to beat him up as long as u din kill him!!!! Prevent using any equipment though.

After the police report, we send her back to 99 to meet her fren, Siaw Yan. We got no mood to party anymore so we went over to Luconia (at Chong Ling Jalan Tabuan) to have some drinks and chit-chat. Leave the place around 2 a.m.++

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Woot??? I'm A Nurse???

Went out with Eve on last nite... After dinner... we went over to Travillion to meet John and Sebastian.

When we reached there, I received one sms from one of my "so called" fren. The sms goes like tat:

Him: Hey, U so soi (unlucky). I saw u. U look great.
Me: Huh?? Where are you?
Him: U din c me??? I'm so eng tao 2nite.
Me: haha... impossible I din notice some1 handsome.

I don feel comfy with the place (Travillion), and some1 seems like noticing me. It's like i've been stalked. Sum more it's so packed... dunno which cafe to.. all full-house. So we decided to go Soho...

All the way to get car with Eve, John & Sebastian... received another sms.

Him: You hang out with Malay ar??? (I was like wat da heck!! so racist!!! They are not malay, they're educated Bidayuh).
Me: They're my colleagues...
Him: wah... got male nurse too ar... (He once tot I'm a nurse and I dunno where he the idea tat idea from)
Me: hahaha... why not??? (Din wanna explain much... lazy...)

I showed Eve the sms n I cant stop laffing... He really tot I'm a nurse... farnee rite??? sound ridiculuous kan??? which part of me look like a nurse????


After all the laffing and stuff, we've reach Soho... not much ppl... maybe becoz nx day was a working Saturday.

We sat by the bar... had some beer... chit chat... took some pics... Not long after... someone annoying joined in (need no to mention his name, everyone who's there know who he is).

Why i sed he's annoying??? He tok with an stupid girlie ascent... Everything he sed got his own theory which ppl don understand; he's trying to be sacarstic and funny but he's not... and wat's worst is... the way he dance!!!!! So malampau!!! I dunno how 2 describe it... Whenever we start dancing... he'll join in and dance... Then we'll stop dancing coz we don wan other ppl to misunderstand that we're like him... So memalukan. All of us can't stand it and tried to escaped.

Din really enjoy the nite. Got so bored tat we left earlier... went for supper at open-air market but we din tell him... He tot we were all goin home... hehehe.... very mean kan??? But who cares??? He shud know tat we're avoiding him... It's was so obvious... =P

*For more pictures click here --->> Saturday Nite Out*